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    Poetic Katkiana

    4 April, 2019, Thursday, 19:00 at St. Catherine’s Church (Vilniaus St 30)

    While meeting real spring we present to your attention – exceptionally fun and dreamy concert with maestro Donatas Katkus – POETIC KATKIANA!

    Spring – it is the time, when everything awakens, comes back to life and brings joy. Maestro Donatas Katkus – is a spring bomb; he is as spring in Lithuania, unpredictably surprising with his awakening replicas, refreshing with his extraordinary musical interpretations, bringing joy with his never-ending pranks.

    In the program of the concert you will hear festive and yet precise and light Mozart, musical choliganism by Faustas Latėnas, who is unimaginable without it, and of course, mindful poetic Osvaldas Balakauskas.

    This time we invite you to celebrate spring with music, vivid and universal St. Christopher Chamber Orchestra, this time conducted by Charismatic Donatas Katkus and the beloved tenor of the orchestra Edgaras Davidovičius. This concert will improve your health (people say that laughter is a source of vitamin C).


    F. Latėnas. Vocal cycle “From the Manuscripts of Helen Blinkeviciene and Poetry Notebooks of Petras Blinkevicius”, text by Juozas Erlickas

    V. A. Mozart. Quartets

    O. Balakauskas. “Invention and Dance”




    Artistic Director and Chief Conductor MODESTAS BARKAUSKAS

    Concert conducted by DONATAS KATKUS

    Soloist – EDGARAS DAVIDOVIČIUS (tenoras)

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