Press reviews

“The St. Christopher Chamber Orchestra’s flexibility in contemporary music performance is one of the collective’s stand-out features. This has been noted not just by Lithuanian composers, but by artists and audiences from other countries as well. This collective presents original programmes probably more often than any other group”.

“Literatūra ir Menas”, R. Gaidamavičiūtė, January 10, 2014

“But the most eye-catching event was last Friday‘s, when Portuguese pianist Maria João Pires appeared with Russian virtuoso violinist Maxim Vengerov, alongside the youthful and very impressive St. Christopher Chamber Orchestra from the Lithuanian capital Vilnius”.

– Ivan Hewett, “The Daily Telegraph”  July 11, 2011

“This concert of original compositions was initiated by D. Katkus, who fosters strong ties with the work of O. Balakauskas, and under whose baton the St. Christopher Chamber Orchestra has played many of the composer’s works. Not to mention the works of many other of our composers – from diploma compositions of students of the Academy of Music and Theatre to Lithuanian classics. I would say this orchestra is the most prominent representative of Lithuanian contemporary music – and this is a sign that academic culture has not yet totally been uprooted from society’s everyday life… ”

– “7 meno dienos”, L. Ligeikaitė, May 15, 2009

 “Strings of purest gold: B. Britten’s performance of “Simple Symphony” proved the extraordinance of our guests from Vilnius. ”

– “Westfalische Nachrichten”, October 24, 2008

“They play magically!” (after the St. Christopher Chamber Orchestra’s performance at the Grudziądz city museum).

– Music critic Janas Popis, May 10, 2006

“…what the St. Christopher Chamber Orchestra, under the baton of Donatas Katkus, can do with contemporary works demands nerves of steel. The Orchestra mastered very difficult works and performed them wonderfully, with great expressiveness”.
“… that evening, which brought a tingling sensation over the whole audience, resulted in the longest ever round of ovations for the deserving performers”.

– “Münsterische Zeitung”, May 23, 2005

“…the still young St. Christopher Chamber Orchestra, directed by Donatas Katkus, performed as a quality, prized, virtuoso collective – suited perfectly to precisely this type of music”.

– “Nordwest-Zeitung”, May 21, 2005

Osvaldas Balakauskas (composer): “The St. Christopher Chamber Orchestra is indeed a friend of Lithuanian composers! It is a collective that gladly plays music by Lithuanian authors in Lithuania and abroad, including it in programmes alongside the most famous world-wide classics”.

Bjorn W. Stalne, Rikskonserter (Stockholm) director: “The St. Christopher Chamber Orchestra and its director Donatas Katkus – simply the finest chamber orchestra in the world”.

– “Lietuvos žinios”, February 20, 2004

“The St. Christopher Chamber Orchestra’s concert is one of the leading events in the Dalarna Year of Music. Professional! Sublime! Brimming with virtuosity!”

– FIC, July 4, 2003

“Already in the very beginning the orchestra demonstrated its high class level. This collective of musicians (most of them quite young) played compactly and precisely, paying great attention to the smallest details”

– “Gefle Dagblad”, July 4, 2003

“The orchestra belongs among the absolute Lithuanian musical elite”.

“What a pair! Lithuanian conductor Donatas Katkus and Swedish soprano Kerstin Avemo are united by a profound musical mutual understanding”.

– “Vestman lands tidning”, July 4, 2003

“Together here with the excellent St. Christopher Chamber Orchestra from Lithuania, led by Donatas Katkus, Kerstin Avemo made the audience at the premiere rise up and stamp their feet crying out in praise”.

– “Boguslanningen med Dals Dagbald”, July 1, 2003

“Sensational – and that’s no overstatement. This is how we could describe the concert in Grippsholm Castle that featured soprano Kerstin Avemo and the St. Christopher Chamber Orchestra from Lithuania, directed by the dynamic maestro Donatas Katkus”.

– “Eskilstuna Kuriren”, June 30, 2003

“We were captivated by the technical equilibrium of the orchestra’s members, playing, singing and whispering together… freely, with a twist of jazz”.

– “Lietuvos rytas”, August 1, 2000

“When a chamber orchestra can do swing, it leaves an impression. Especially in a work of such acrobatic rhythms as T. Kutavičius’ suite “In Jazz”. An especially when they play, scat and sing together with such masterful ease and bravura”.

– “7 meno dienos”, July 28, 2000

“Interpreting the work “Memories of Florence”, the chamber orchestra revealed their best sides. The performance was stylistically precise, detailed and tasteful. We were beguiled by the harmonious sound and expressive dialogues among the orchestra groups”.

– “7 meno dienos”, July 21, 2000

“The interpretation of P. Tchaikovsky’s “Memories of Florence” brought out the orchestra’s strong points – dynamic and technical nimbleness…, the desire to subtly convey the syntax and logic of the melodic lines…, and to sustain an optimal balance among the seperate orchestra groups”.

– “Lietuvos rytas”, July 18, 2000

“Very distinct passages where the orchestra measures each and every tone, a determined manner of playing stringed instruments which followed an exciting pizzicato, and then a gentle, mesmerizing conclusion”.

– “Hessische neueste Anzeiger” (Germany), September 28, 1999

“the orchestra appeared mobile; perfectly, dynamically, precisely and very colourfully reacting to D. Katkus’ conducting”.

– “Ruhr Nachrichten” (Germany), August 24, 1999

“the gentleness of the sound, yet not overly rich, and without a doubt harmoniously in tune with one another – chamber music of the highest quality”.

– “Westfalische Nachrichten” (Germany), June 24, 1996