We offer

Vilnius City St. Christopher Chamber Orchestra

announces a competition for the position of the DOUBLE BASS performer.

Professional requirements for the applicant:

• higher musical education;

• good musical data;

• ensemble playing skills;

• experience playing in an orchestra;

I stage of the competition:

Optionally play I part. With cadence from the given concertos for double bass:

Carl Ditters von Dittersdorf – Concerto for double bass in E major I movement with cadence,

or Johann Baptist Wanhal (Jan Křtitel Vaňhal) – Concerto for double bass in D major, Part I

with tenure

(Accompaniment is mandatory, tuning 442hz).

The audition will take place in 2023. January 23, 12 o’clock (12 pm) in St. Catherine’s Church (Vilnius St. 30, Vilnius)

Applicants are requested to submit their CVs by 2023. January 20 email by mail karjera@kristoforas.lt

Planned salary: EUR 900-1300 after taxes. Salary depends on professional qualifications, available experience, and performance. We offer an annual employment contract with the possibility of an extension.

Applicants who cannot participate in the audition live must submit their CV and a link to a high-quality video of the piece performed with accompaniment by mail. karjera@kristoforas.lt until 2023 January 20.

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