2024 January 12 6:30 p.m. St. Catherine’s Church (Vilnius St. 30, Vilnius)

The event is free. Pre-registration is REQUIRED here: https://bit.ly/3H061aJ

Oh yes! Art has more than once saved the world and man from the darkest despair. It still lingers today in the hottest spots, to which the eyes of every freedom-loving person turn anxiously.

Wishing victory to all who fight on the side of light and honoring all those who have fallen in these battles, find your way on the eve of Defender of Freedom Day, January 12, to St. Catherine’s Church so that you can feel the liberating power of restless classical works together with a large group of performers.

The concert will feature “Hear My Prayer” by Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, “Magnificat” by Antonio Vivaldi, and “Come ye Sons of Art” by Henry Purcell.

The works will be performed by: Vilnius St. Kristoforos Chamber Orchestra (artistic director Modestas Barkauskas), the women’s choir of the Vilnius Cultural Center “Liepos” (artistic director Audronė Steponavičiūtė Zupkauskienė), the men’s choir of the Oak Club (artistic director professor Povilas Gylys), as well as soloists Austėja Zinkevičiūtė (soprano), Salomėja Petronytė (soprano), Aistė Benkauskaitė (mezzo-soprano), Vaidas Bartušas (countertenor) and Grantas Šileikis (bass).