Music by legendary movie composers

July 12th on Sunday, 7 p.m. Vilnius University Great Yard (entrance from St. John ‘s St. 12)

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What are the legendary movies? That is a timeless movies that doesn’t age in sense of time, storyline ore genre. Their heroes are known by all generations. No less is known the composers of such music. Most people from the first chords recognize the melodies of the genius Italian composer Nino Rotta created for the film “The Godfather”, “The Godfather II”, “The Death on the Nile” by Agatha Kristi, and many other legendary films. No less are known Roberto Molinelli and Ennio Morricone, who was awarded with many rewards for movie music. To this day Morricone’s amazing, enchanting melody of the movies “Once upon a time in America”, “Malena “, Roberto Molinelli beautiful piece “Four pictures of New York” awakens imagination and on the paths of memories leads back to the past.



Artistic Director and Chief Conductor MODESTAS BARKAUSKAS

Voice – Evelina Sašenko

Saxophone – Kęstutis Vaiginis

In program:

Roberto Molinelli, Nino Rota, Ennio Morricone and other composers.