2022 February 24 7 p.m. St. Catherine’s Church (Vilniaus St. 30, Vilnius)

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In the birthday concer of St. Christopher Chamber Orchestra,a well-known opera soloist in Lithuania and the world – Liudas Mikalauskas (bass), will join the orchestra in the true musical fiesta of clasical music.


The concert program will reveal a retrospective of music from several epochs. The concert will feature music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, a genius of the Classicist era, and will focus on Romantic composers from various countries, including Italian Gioachino Rossini, Russian Modest Mussorgsky and Anton Rubinstein, and French Charles Gounod and Camille Saint-Saëns. , passionate and even demonic in nature. However, the listeners will be able to take a break before Vytautas Kernagis’ song “White Bird” will be performed at the end of the concert, as the program will also feature the medieval work “The Beatitudes” by the contemporary Russian composer Vladimir Martynov.


St. The Christopher Chamber Orchestra kindly invites you to join the classical music fiesta and celebrate your birthday together!